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International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) is a registered NGO that helps you to file consumer complaint in the consumer court and informs about consumer forum matters. ICRPC sends legal notice before taking action.


First know the procedure for filing complaint with ICRPC by sending a request mail to You will receive the procedure within a minute. Check your inbox as well as spam folder for our reply. You can also download and save the procedure in PDF format by CLICKING HERE


Address of Consumer Courts, Consumer Protection Act, Right to Information Act, Lok Adalat, Ombudsman, MRTPC and other information is available on this website.


No need to hire a lawyer, we tell you how to fight your own case. Even uneducated people have won cases in consumer courts through our guidance.



Our goal is to educate and inform the masses about how to be safe at the market place and how to take action against a cheater. If we educate one and train him to file a case in the consumer court, he will in turn educate and advise others. This way, we can counter the corrupt and the cheaters to evolve a corruption free society which is a very difficult task as corruption has become deep rooted.




All services come to your desktop or mobile

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Our experts send legal notice on your behalf at very low cost

We try to reason your point of view, if you are right

We help you to file case in consumer court

We prepare all documents for court

We train you to handle your case






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