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Consumer grievances settled out of Consuer Court by ICRPC

Telephone numbers of consumers are given to prove that the listings are all genuine and not fabricated. Some of the telephone numbers may have changed. The list is just an example, we cannot list all the many thousands of issues that were settled through ICRPC..


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Consumer wins case (Dec 2008)

1) Mr. Krishnaprasad Menon (Tel. No. 9869007516) won a case against Padmavati Electricals, Dombivli, Mumbai against defective inverter.


Barclays Bank: refunds amount

2) Mr. Rajendra Parab (Cell: 9004350558) got his Rs. 1370 refunded on 19-1-2009 as soon as Barclays bank received the notice from ICRPC


Barclays Bank: refunds BPC membership fee

2) Mr. Sunil Gadgil (Cell: 9371773873) got his Rs. 5000 refunded on 21-11-2008 as soon as Barclays bank received the notice from ICRPC against their illegal deduction of Barclay Priority Circle Membership fee of Rs. 5000 which was forced upon the consumer.


Oak n Oak: repairs sofa set

3) Mr. Henry Jones D. of Bangalore (Tel. No. 9448091613) whose sofa set was denied repairs by the company despite being under warranty, was immediately repaired by Oak n Oak of Bangalore on 4-1-2009 upon receiving notice from ICRPC.


Air Deccan - Refunds amount

4) The airlines was not refunding his money after cancellation of tickets. Mr. Sandeep Sheth of Coimbatore (Tel. No. 641025) received full refund of Rs. 2,849 on 2-1-2009 from the company after we issued a notice to the company on 2-1-2009. 

Indian Airlines - Refunds amount

5) Ms. Monalisa Mukherji of Mumbai (Cell: 9821582444) received back her Rs. 

Rs.5225 on 15-12-2008 from Indian Airlines when ICRPC served notice to the airlines for not booking the tickets for the scheduled time as asked by the consumer. 

Axis Bank - Refunds amount

6) Mr. Sanghvi's ( account was debited illegal interest and the service tax on his axis bank credit card for Rs.1,291.68/-. On ICRPC request the same was refunded back in December 2008.


HTC mobile phone - Repaired handset

7) Mr. Hitesh Kumar of bangalore (Cell:9886785284) gave his cellphone for servicing to HTC on 5-11-2008. There was delay. When ICRPC wrote to HTC, they immediately brought in the required part, repaired the handset and delivered to consumer.

 BSNL: Connects the dead phone8) Mr. Sanjeev Raj Goyal of Mohali (0172-5090801) complaint to ICRPC regarding disconnection of his phone number 1725090801. The service was restarted on 1-12-2008 when ICRPC wrote to BSNL.

First Flight Courier: Delivers the lost consignment

9) Consignment no: LB 0413716 dt. 05-11-2008 in the name of  Satyajit Deb was booked from Mumbai for Shillong by Mr. H. Bhowmik of Mumbai (, but it was lost and remained undelivered. Upon ICRPC's intervention the same was delivered on 26-11-2008.


India Plaza Shopping - Refunds amount

10) Ms.Vandana. R's ordered for " Sony Handycam DCR DVD 710E" vide order no 050820080381dated 5 Aug 2008 on website by paying
Rs.16530.00. When the unit was not delivered, ICRPC ordered the company for refund. The amount was credited back to Ms.Vandana's credit card account on 5-9-2008 along with Indiaplaza gift certificate for Rs.500 as compensation.


BPL Telephone - Corrects the wrong plan

11) Mr. Ketan Shetty of Mumbai (Cell: 9821431552) complained that BPL has not shifted his account from corporate account to the individual plan despite submitting his documents three times and complaining many times. On receiving notice from ICRPC the BPL company immediately did the needful on 20-11-2008. 


NEXT Retail Shop - Replaces Sony LCD TV

12) Mr.Saravana Kumar of Mumbai (Cell: 9819367951) complained against NEXT Retail India and Sony India for giving him a defective Sony LCD TV on 6-4-2008. Replacement was done on 25-9-2008 on intervention of ICRPC.


Digetech Computers - Replaces defective parts

13) Mr. Ashutosh Pathak of Kanpur (Cell: 9415540881) bought a computer from Digitech Computers, Kanpur on 22-8-2007, The company replaced the defective Motherboard, CPU and RAM under warranty, on receiving ICRPC notice.


Sony Ericsson Mobile: Replaces refrigerator

14)  Ms. Salini Patnaik of Thane (Cell: 9820160496) bought Sony Ericsson handset W 580i on 30-10-2007 from Mango Stationary Pvt. Ltd. which was defective. The company was not replacing the defective handset. ICRPC served a notice, and the company delivered a new handset with all accessories on 14-9-2008.


NOKIA Limited: Repairs handset model 6300

15) Mr. Amit Jain of Pune (Tel. No. 09921971982) received a new motherboard for his handset Nokia 6300 on 12-9-2008 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


British Airways: Compensates for baggage loss

16) Mr. Vinod Chandran of Bangalore (Tel. No. 9980084663) travelled from Bangalore to Florida by flight BA118 and BA0209 dated 14-6-2008. His two bags that were missing and delivered to him on 17 and 19 June 2008. The consumer spent Rs. 26,000 towards buying the necessities that were a requisite for attending the tennis coaching in the USA. The consumer received received full refund of Rs. 26,000 on 1-9-2008 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  


Godrej: Replaces defective washing machine

17) Mr. C M Sobhanan of Kerala (Cell: 09447138439) purchased your washing machine on 24-8-2006 from Quilon Radio Service, Kochi. There was defect in machine that could not be repaired due to unavailability of spares. The company was neither replacing the defective machine or repairing the same.  ICRPC served a notice, and the company delivered a new model of the washing machine on 28-8-2008.


Anand Cutpiece Centre, Chembur, Mumbai: Refunds money

18) Mr. Rajesh K Shetty of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9819655239) bought two umbrellas from your shop for Rs. 288 that were found defective. The shop refused to exchange the defective umberallas. On receiving ICRPC notice the shop not only refunded thae amount of Rs. 288, but also paid compensation of Rs. 500 on 23-8-2008.


Cebu Pacific Airlines Refunds amount

19) Mr. Niren Thomas (080-25470209) of Bangalore cancelled his ticket no W314M1, but the airlines was not refunding the amount. ICRPC sent a notice dated 24-3-2009 and the consumer received a refund of SGD $ 349.88 to his credit card account.


Primary Information Services

20) The company sold an information CD that did not have latest information as boasted by them. When a notice was sent to them by ICRPC, the company refunded the amount of Rs. 21,500 to the consumer Shree Agronomic Projects Pvt. Ltd. of Kolkata (Tel. No. 40086488).

ABN AMRO: cancels card removes name from CIBIL

21) Mr. Virendra Bhanot was assured of removal of his name from the CICIL list and cancellation of his credit card when ICRPC issued a notice to the ABN AMRO bank against the harassment it did to him.


Arena Multimedia: Refunds amount

22) Mr. Dharamraj Yadav of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9867986754) received full refund of fee from Arena Multimedia after we issued a notice to the institute on 25-3-2009 for its failure to conduct classes properly and not fulfilling the promises.


C Bhogilal West End: Refunds amount

23) Mr. Ramesha Sesha of Mumbai (Tel. No. 9820629939) received full refund of Rs. 12,500 against our notice dated 25-3-2009 to the company- C Bhogilal West End, Vile Parle for supplying a defective Zero-B water purifier.


NOKIA Limited: Replaces handset model 7210

24) Mr. V J Antony Joshuva of Chennai (Tel. No. 09790994090) has received a new handset Nokia 7210 Super Nova against his defective handset on 20-3-2009 when ICRPC wrote to the company.  



25) ICRPC received hundreds of complaints from consumers across India, maximum from Bangalore against cheating activities of Country Club. This company used to show big dreams and used to collect lakhs of rupees from consumers. It used to promise free air tickets, fre holiday, free plots, free memberships in spa, etc. But everything was fake. This company was enjoying credit card sweeping facility from various banks to cheat the consumers. On 21-1-2009, ICRPC wrote to the CEO, ICICI Bank with the list of people CCIL has cheated. ICICI bank immediately withdrew the credit card sweeping authorisation facility and confirmed to ICRPC vide their letter no. CSQG/6787/2008-09 dated 26-3-2009 that EDC machine has been removed from The Country Club of India Ltd., Bangalore.



26) Mr. Prashanth Kumar Bekal of Bangalore (Cell: 9448287382) won his case against Counrtry Club of India Ltd., Bangalore in the District Consumer Court in Bangalore. The court has ordered vide order dated 25-3-2009, that Mr. Rajeev Reddy, CEO of CCIL, should refund Rs. 1,25,000 with interest @18% pa from date of payment, Rs. 10,000 as compensation to Mr. Bekal. ICRPC had prepared the case and guided Mr. Bekal to fight his case against this cheater.



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